Biggest annoyances Balmain x H&M

H&M’s FB page is full with it just like Instagram and Twitter: frustrated and irritated customers who didn’t got the chance to shop anything from the Balmain x H&M collection. Below is a list of our biggest annoyances.

Site down

GRRRRRR! Sitting in front of your laptop from 7 am waiting and at 10 the site is down! You didn’t set your alarm just to wait for the following message. Note: refreshing makes no sense.

Our biggest annoyances at the Balmain x H&M collection. Frustrated customers at Balmain x H&M. Not everyone got the chance to shop something, see why.

Recognizable? You are not in the mood , especially if you already have several items in your shopping bag to checkout and upon completion you get the message: '' It's not you, but to us ''. What the Fj &%) * @ $ %% !!!! is then a logical response on H&M’s FB page! As a true HMBalmaination- fan you have waited for this moment so long! Not what you imagined this morning as you were  hopefully visiting And why all these A-listers were able to go to this pre-shopping event? #notfair.

Celeb VIP Night/ Sold out

Horror shopping story: sold out! Okay, no problem if different A-listers globally got the chance to shop this collection before the 5th of November, as long there is enough for us ‘Plain Janes’. Well not! After a couple of hours the whole collection was sold out! Our #1 question is of course: Why doesn’t H&M just produce more? ‘’ It is just not fair that celebs and other A-listers were able to shop this collection first. It still remains H&M right?’’. ''And they can afford ‘the real Balmain’ so why do they even want this collection? #smh. ‘’And why do they organize a VIP Night for celebs, you never see them in H&M right? Couldn’t you guys just organize this VIP event for you most loyal customers?’'. Just a couple of the comments that were placed on different social media referring to the hottest collab of the year.


And when the collection is sold out, you need a plan B right? So in your most desperate shopping spree Ebay is the second place to go when it comes to Balmain x H&M. If you are willing to pay 3 or 4 times more than the original price! So let’s see the Kylie Jenner dress has an original price tag surpassing the $500 mark. On Ebay you pay almost $1.500 US dollars. So if you have some money left and you are willing to pay triple the price for this dress, you know where to turn to.

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