Oversized denim jacket

We’re totally chasing some oversized items in our closet for this winter! A cozy sweater, comfi dress or a rebel chic jacket are always on trend when it comes to the oversized look. Cause a little chaos this season in this fierce oversized denim jacket. With distressed and ripped details you work some major Fashion Week- vibes when it comes to this item.

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How to style your denim jacket?

A denim jacket is so on trend but at the same time very versatile to wear. You could wear it both in a classic and vintage way, it’s up to you!

Style with a crop top and camouflage pants when rocking an oversized denim jacket for a totally rebellious look.

Casual chic: Wear this jacket also with a bodycon dress and some thigh high boots to turn heads.

Some more tips

When it comes to oversized essentials make sure to combine it with fitted items in one outfit, so the complete picture doesn’t look too bulky. It is nice when some items have more attention when it comes to the whole outfit. So make sure to play with the fit of different clothing items when you choose to add an oversized item in your outfit.

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